Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spatial assessment and analysis of vulnerability

GIScience applied in the interdisciplinary domain of hazard and climate change research Call for Papers

Workshop within the framework of GI_Forum 2010
July 6-7, 2010

This theme is expected to highlight different developed and currently investigated methodologies to spatially assess vulnerability. It will specifically address the issue of vulnerability assessment, independent from conceptual discussions. The focus will be on the review and discussion of different methods of GIScience employed to assess, quantify and represent vulnerability as integrated spatial phenomena. Within a workshop session, current achievements and future research challenges will be identified and formulated.


  • Assessments in the domain of disaster risk reduction, climate change, natural
    hazards and human security domain
  • Methods on indicator selection and index construction
  • Scale issues in vulnerability assessments
  • Validation and accuracy of vulnerability assessments
  • Spatio-temporal visualisation of complex indicators
The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, July 6 and Wednesday, July 7, 2010 and will be followed by the annual GI_Forum. Next to presentations ranging from different scholarly schools of vulnerability the workshop will focus on output oriented discussion sessions.
The papers will be peer-reviewed and published in a book.

More information about this workshop and the Call for Papers

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